kon-kon XDXD

i'm back~!!! 

this year's june holidays are sooooooooooo cool!!!! i'll be busy throughout the holidays. i'm sick of getting damn bored esp during holidays. i can't wait for next week-school trip to cameron!!!! lolz 
yay, my results are out!!!! my mid-year was okay...but last year's was better. well, i studied at the last minute, so that's no surprise. but kinda sad.^^'"  80.4%   for my overall. although it's an A1 but, there are like more than 5 top students in MY CLASS. then, what would be my class position? i could have known it if it was not because of my holiday trip during the report book day. *sighs* i hope i'm one of the top ten.the lowest position i ever get was 7. *sighs* no one tells me about it.....*sighs again* kk, whatever. 
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