too long.

lol. hello?
haha. blog's too dead. (got such meh?) 
aaaaanyway. i am bored. and my LJ's dead too.
i'm still reviving my blogger though. shruggs.
fine. i shall make this a long post.
well, since eveything here is so short. hah hah. yea, right..
i mean, yeah, really.
very short.

so...school was great. (recalling....)
right, not really. i was sick in the morning. struggled throughout english period. lol.
we did a specimen maths paper 2 test just now. hah, i can't be bothered by it.
i did what i could. (sheesh, it's been a long time since i revised my maths! ok, i know that's bad.) so far...i did ok.

everything was alright until school ended. my friend wanted to hang up her geog assignment (i was thinking of doing mine today. but....sighs. maybe not today.) then we met our amaths teacher.....and found out amaths retest was okay.
oukkay. it doesn't really bother me if some people knew how i felt that time.
when was the last time i revised my amaths???
lol, i'm really slacking a lot.

long enough.
nah? maybe not. but at least it's longer than any other posts i had posted here (i hope.)
k then. Ja.
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