long time never online lol...
i miss a lot of stuff here haha
i was damn soooo busy with my projects...so, no time for computer. *sighs*

had handball training just now. i'm gonna be the defender in the upcoming match-on monday. just gotta be a defender. no choice, i guess. Haha. ^^ in case my classmates read this entry, i won't go on to the details... LOL  

went to lino's home (a.k.a. sato-chan) just now. just do some studying. Physics and geo. (i only revise my phy. -_-)  reached home around 10pm. we did have fun too. haha, i'm glad i've introduced her to jjexpress! (but she didnt say anything 'bout them. she still sticks to Yabu. XDXD) me? i still stick to massu. ^^
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just dropping by....

so, tomorrow's april's fool eh? haha LOL
tomorrow's Aoi's birthday too....XDXD
otanjoubi omedeto, Aoi-san!! 
(Aoi from Ayabie)


nothing interesting right now...just that..i'm worried about my class group's projects. no one called- let's just say..no one bothered to have a meeting to finish up the project.....*sighs*  Guess I'll have to make the first step... *sighs*
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kya~!!! XDXD


long time no 'update'. lol
frankly speaking, well....i was not that busy the past few days...and I could like...you know..update my blog...haha ... ^^'
I was...kinda lazy...and..i was trying to be a little bit active in forums...(as a member..) LOL 

OK ok. 

yay! I'm on MC for 2 days!!  well, I'm don't have a fever this time....but a ear infection and just a bit of coughing and sore throat bla bla bla...
exams around the corner and lately i've been missing many lessons esp. add. maths class....i admit there are so many stuff which i don't understand...

i was overjoyed when my tomodachi told me yesterday that i could actually send my wishes to kat-tun!!! (she got this news from a senior from our school. heard she's one of the admins of ...i don't know...kattun site err..forum...or bla bla..something like that... )but she told me last minute le....wargh!!! the due date is today and i didn't really have the time to do my card!! plus, i'm on mc today. T.T  At last, we decided that I send her my msg through sms, and she would send it to her (senior. her name...? o_o). hope she has already given it.....(haha she did told me to remind her in the morning but i didn't. I was sooo tired LOL)

and a very happy (belated) birthday to Takaki yuya, tamamori yuta and senga kento!!!!! ><

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i hate getting sick all the time....

i hate having a high fever. that's what i'm having right now...i just don't like the part when  i have to take my medicine and the part when my mom suggested me to see a doctor. argh!!! i hate doctors!!! 
the last time i got sick was on the march holidays. i was sick during the weekdays, 5 days to be exact...and i remember i had this damn fever for 3 days on tue,wed and thu. urgh, i just hate that.
i missed my pure chem class...wargh!! 
my handball captain have been very busy lately....and, is that the reason why we can't have handball practices?! Earth house is going down for sure!!! captain, you're driving me nuts!!!

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march holidays....yea...whatever..

I have loads of holiday assignments!!!!! how am i gonna spend my holidays in peace?! Plus, i have workshops!!!! wargh!!!!!
(lame complains. that's just normal....T.T)


i received my progress card for term 1 and i did pretty well. ^^ 
A few days ago, my parent was called to meet my so-called '2nd form teacher' (my form teacher has to attend something) today (ehem...just now). At first I thought it was because of my marks. But WTH?! No way !!! I did well!!!!  And just now, i found out, it was just because of how i behave in class. And no, i'm not bad. But just somwhat....anti-sociable. "Ok...." that was what i responded. Alright, it's half true. HALF!! Frankly saying, I'm quite talkative among my close friends, but i tend to just not talk if i'm with the others. Ok,it's not 'tend to', but, i find it hard to talk to them. Ok, i find it hard to socialize with other people. *sighs* why is it so hard to explain? *sighs again* Nevermind.

*giggling* haha . can't wait for NEWS latest single....
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what a day...

my handball captain is sooooooooo damn strict. Hate it. ( k, i dislike) T.T
dribbling is soooooo not my favourite part of the training. My hand hurts... wargh!!!
my ball is soooo pathetic. air pump, anyone? -no one.
handball game was sooo boring. 3 against 3. the others: absent
i don't like being the goal keeper. Stood there like an idiot.
training ended around 5.40pm.
I reached home at 6.30. And...I couldn't play maple story. why? time too short. 7.30 must go out to somewhere. (I know it's like 1 hour diff. i got changed, i ate dinner etc)

And now...my brother is playing maple story....gah, i don't have the chance to play today... T.T

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untitled-ha ha

yea...school work finished...AT LAST!!!

I was told about this personality test by my teacher..(a test...? not sure...) It was quite interesting...remember only one question ...

if you're lost somewhere, what would that somewhere be...? A corn field or a palce where there are mountains, rivers..etc?
Well, I chose the 2nd one.

corn field--you are a fun person; centre attraction of people
mountains etc--the 'calm' type; easy to get along with; intelligent

Ok, I didn't expect to get that...ha ha....but it was fun. ^^


Last but not least, tomorrow's Kame's birthday (tomorrow's 23rd, right?) so....

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(no subject)

*laughing awkwardly* long time no update.....^^'

Ok...firstly, happy(belated)bithday to Golf! 

I received many news 'bout NEWS the past few days...feelin' good...^^ Well, i won't be updating my LJ for quite sometime 'cuz I HAVE LOTS OF SCHOOL WORK TO DO!!!! I REALLY HATE IT!!! AND THEY'RE REALLY EATING MY TIME!!!! (Ok, lame excuse...whatever) I hope I could just finish my job as fast as possible--urgh, i don't like brainstorming.. hate school...
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