too long.

lol. hello?
haha. blog's too dead. (got such meh?) 
aaaaanyway. i am bored. and my LJ's dead too.
i'm still reviving my blogger though. shruggs.
fine. i shall make this a long post.
well, since eveything here is so short. hah hah. yea, right..
i mean, yeah, really.
very short.

so...school was great. (recalling....)
right, not really. i was sick in the morning. struggled throughout english period. lol.
we did a specimen maths paper 2 test just now. hah, i can't be bothered by it.
i did what i could. (sheesh, it's been a long time since i revised my maths! ok, i know that's bad.) so far...i did ok.

everything was alright until school ended. my friend wanted to hang up her geog assignment (i was thinking of doing mine today. but....sighs. maybe not today.) then we met our amaths teacher.....and found out amaths retest was okay.
oukkay. it doesn't really bother me if some people knew how i felt that time.
when was the last time i revised my amaths???
lol, i'm really slacking a lot.

long enough.
nah? maybe not. but at least it's longer than any other posts i had posted here (i hope.)
k then. Ja.
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it's been a long time since i posted something in my LJ...well, i have blogger and am using it, so...my LJ is just...the spare....lols. erm..idk, i feel like posting something here...so here goes....
school was alright. didn't have much fun though...haha. oh well. 
i am TIRED. sch ends at around 3.40...and then i had to rush to tuition...it ended at 6.30pm..
reached home around 7plus. did this did that, bla bla bla...then i went online at 9.30  till now. Alright. boring. hah. whatever.
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Today's soooo dull and boring!! onlineér's at msn so boring leh!!! yea right, today's sunday. kk, whatever. 
CSG gathering coming up. can't wait to see the others. (demo, i don't know what to wear. the colour are black, red and white. wear all black???  i don't have red. what about white? I have grey. Ah~!!!!!)

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kon-kon XDXD

i'm back~!!! 

this year's june holidays are sooooooooooo cool!!!! i'll be busy throughout the holidays. i'm sick of getting damn bored esp during holidays. i can't wait for next week-school trip to cameron!!!! lolz 
yay, my results are out!!!! my mid-year was okay...but last year's was better. well, i studied at the last minute, so that's no surprise. but kinda sad.^^'"  80.4%   for my overall. although it's an A1 but, there are like more than 5 top students in MY CLASS. then, what would be my class position? i could have known it if it was not because of my holiday trip during the report book day. *sighs* i hope i'm one of the top ten.the lowest position i ever get was 7. *sighs* no one tells me about it.....*sighs again* kk, whatever. 
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ah, crap! i lost all my data in my pc!! hard disk prob, like duh!
(actually, i don't really have anything to say....just dropping by. For more of rei's updates, it's all at www.mizuhara-mizuhi92.blogspot.com for this month. for next month, rei's updates will be here. [-the problem having two blogs-])
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(no subject)

OMG!!! i can't believe there are like sooo many stuff here!! arigatou, minna! ^^'
i wasn't online for the past few weeks because i was BANNED by my parents- for the time being only. reason: exams 
and speaking of exams, next week is my 3rd and 4th paper. -_- maths paper one (WTH) and english paper 2. 
I'm worried 'bout my indices. well, it's an easy topic but i tend to do careless mistakes esp indices. and esp when the questions has fractions. (i hate fractions)

err....what....?0_o i guess i gotta go now. my time's up. Ja!

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feeling veeeeerrry bored. exams around the corner....*0*  oral starts next week. ... *stressed out* although i haven't start revising...
*laughing awkwardly*  
uh...jz dropping by here actually.....nothing to say, nothing to talk....T.T ...I'm bored.
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cool day...i guess....^^'

i wish i have a scanner so that i could scan what i wrote in my chem textbook just now. LOL (k, whatever)
wow...i was damn bored in class just now especially chemistry hah! i wasn't sleepy. instead i did other stuff. (kk, who cares)
as the leader of my chemistry group, i should know what we are supposed to do besides presentations. and know what? i am soooo being left behind...i guess. we were supposed to give worksheets to our classmates and a test or we won't get marks. (for what? don't ask me. T.T) actually, we knew about this, but we're not sure so we just ignored it. LOL. 
kk. whatever (again)
we have handball rematches after school today. FIRE vs EARTH and WIND vs WATER. we had rematches cuz last time there was not at least a teacher who judged the games so we somewhat cheat-cheat a bit lar.

hanball results....XPCollapse )

oh yes! is today pi's birthday? i'm not sure when but i have a feeling that today is his birthday cuz everyone is like sooo in the pi's mood. (get what i mean? 0_o) Kk, not everyone. but somewhat..
*browse to check out pi's dob...LOL*
Hey, it's Pi's birthday!!!!!! WOW~!!!!! ^^

ah! i love kaze ni notte! somewhat addicted to that song. LOL! ^^
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